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This is the year I wear dresses to school and call out everyone's malarky

Also the year I don’t get enough rest but dress cutesy-ish on Thursdays(kinda so I can go from school to art hop&jazz hop) but erm…

I’d also like to leave spare change around school on heads, smile at strangers, hug 3 different people, and give 1 sincere compliment a day. Most likely designating Mondays as lazy days. I wonder if the squirrels would take change instead of almonds.
Idk also I ordered this really plain bra and panty set because I wanted to switch it up for once from laces and satins because that’s all I have right now and I’m waiting for this nothing-too-special set and it’s weird to be excited for it.. I’ve never had ugly underwear. This is so strange. Also excited for GTA 5, going to the midnight release and I think it’s gamestop that’s turning into a bit of a “night club” for this. purty cool. Will not be wearing plain underwear or plain anything. Then there’s that little shin dig on the 21st at Bath&Body Works which seems a little fun and then the fair is coming up.
Also Kinda glad I deactivated my Facebook...Some people I wont be able to keep in touch with but I’m guessing this will be temporary.. at least till the 19th. All my classes and teachers are super cool and am making friends quicker than I thought. I’m probably going to be in college a long time since I love learning and there’s so many interesting classes like human sexuality, native American studies, yoga, women’s studies, psychology, American government, and some other ones like jewelry and fabric textiles, but I also need to keep on track of the business course..

Although my schedule kinda makes it look my head’s in the clouds

(which it is)

I see the little vendor fair and I started to wonder if I could sell my body scrub and lotion there most likely not the lingerie although I don’t have to worry about that since I’ve got some orders in (woohoo!) hopefully I can start to make enough to sell on etsy or something.
Not as many fat squirrels as I’d hoped but at least I street pass people in animal crossing q:

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