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I have friends of epic


We share

the real and the unreal.

We do not feel obliged to share a word,

we respect the silence that falls over us like a veil,

but at a moment’s notice,

when the mood changes,

we can become an incessant clamor of cheers and good wishes,

loud , brash and obnoxious.


Our sorority

is unnamed

but unmistakable.

Humans helping humans,

muddle and march triumphantly,

crowning each other for completing our daily tasks.

We understand it can be heroic to get dressed or just out of bed and onto the couch.

We are the rainbow ninjas,

the descendants of the Maria Pistolas, Frida the Brave, and the great aunts with their un-chipped china

that gleam to call us their kin.


Somos las soñadoras , vendedoras

de lo imposible

hecho possible.

We are

dreamers that do what must be done,

in real time,

with wild hair in the air,

holding cups of coffee ,

gingerly caressing a pomegranate martini,

or clinging to a bottle of tequila and a shot glass.


We do not feel entitled

To anything

We earn each other’s secrets.

We are not perfect,

but make amends and let our actions take precedence over our apologies.


Unspoken forgiveness

of our humanity is crucial to our membership.


Somos amigas,

Y al momento que tu digas , “ven”,


I will be there.

Imperfect and incomplete,

but present.


Your Friend.

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Comment by Aideed Medina on March 6, 2013 at 3:56pm

Dedicated to my unnamed sorority of super chingonas and never tiring women friends because without you, this would be one difficult life. Fairies Inc. 

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