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The MET ... What a Joke! . . . Channel 30 News Censored???

Last night the local news reported on how the City of Fresno is now the shameful owner of the MET as well as the Granite baseball weed Park. What a JOKE! Fresno is governed by special interests! Our public officials keep co-signing on the projects of their rich friends that are unsustainable and the little people like us get the shaft.

Listen up public officials: Since the MET is now owned by the people of Fresno, make it into the PEOPLES MET, instead of bringing in world class Art exhibits to cater to your rich friends give it to the people who own it, US. Support local!

But of course, you do not have ears to hear what the people want, especially those who are poor!

Shame on you and the MET elitists!


I'm I imagining things but on the channel 30 news tonight they hardly said a word about the MET. They went on and on about Granite Weed Park but not a word about the MET. What's up?

Did one of those MET elitists or some other politician in bed with special interests get through to them?

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Comment by thomas magray on September 30, 2009 at 10:09pm
Are not all politicians in Bed with each other they seem to have lots to spend on our dollar. And perhaps they should learn to share a bunk-bed cause they all are for the most part are Bunk with a wide range of words to have the people of Fresno beleive they have their interest at heart its called snowing /smoke screening the people all year long they can not let us down right?
Comment by SIN on September 11, 2009 at 9:37am
Awesome! Thanks Bosque and John, this has been writing worth reading, I am inspired as I continue to work on my own projects, this only adds to the obvious thought in my mind that artists are fragile and must be cared for, but in saying that, communitcation is a must. I think this is where I often get my own foot stuck in my mouth, and pulling it out can be difficult at times.
My very dear friend, as many know, Brent Brooks, committed suicide almost one year ago, it was a tragedy that could of been avoided, his feeling of overwhelmedness were something that his art portrayed, his spirit held a lot of pain, he was somewhat alienated, living in Hanford, but often drove the long drive to Fresno, just to show his soul, his art. He would of loved the opportunity to show his work at The Met, and maybe, someday, he still will. His paintings now reside in various homes and businesses through-out Fresno, including in the window of The Fresno Art Council. Rest in peace Brent, and Thank God for, I will never forget the day Brent called me and said, you need to join fresnoarts, iit is really cool, ironically, Bosque and Brent were the two that encouraged me so much to join this site, and now look, OMG. It has been such a wonderful outlet for us all.
Thank you again Victor, for your vision, we all needed this place.
Comment by John English on September 11, 2009 at 7:59am
It's a noble idea Bosque, I agree. There's a lot of it we couldn't do to the extent you mention for various reasons (overhead costs, liability, etc).

The item Victor mentioned above that we're working on is a step in the right direction. And honestly I think that if you feel the Met isn't inclusive, you probably just haven't been paying close enough attention. We do everything we can to work with local arts orgs, help promote ArtHop, open our doors for ArtHop, and work on promoting events like the one we're trying to help the Arts Council out with, which hopefully will come to fruition. And it won't be the first time we've done it. Just about every time we have a major event in the courtyard we open it up to the very opportunities you're asking for. But if you've tuned us out based on a misconception that we're elitist snobs, you're not getting the message about those opportunities.

Now that I know this site/blog/forum is here, I'll pop in from time to time when we have things to share. Again, I invite everyone to get in touch with me with any questions/concerns/comments etc. Anything any of you want to discuss, just drop me a line.

Thanks for the dialogue - I hope it's served to open some eyes. The arts are a much needed facet of Fresno's cultural health. We're all on the same team here, we want them to thrive and prosper.

John English
Manager, Marketing and Communications
Fresno Metropolitan Museum
(559) 441-1444
Blog at
Comment by Art Zocalo on September 11, 2009 at 7:28am
The Art Venue with the most favorable image (among artists) is not the Art Museum, Arte or the MET but Sorensen's Studio/Gallery. Which tells us its not about location or million dollar facilities but about the heart.

Many of the local artists that are most loved are the ones that were hurt by elitists art snobs early in their careers but chose to be inclusive instead of following the bad examples of those who looked down on them.

For the Art Museum, Arte and the MET to become magnets for the arts they have to become more inclusive of local artists, until they do, they will be viewed as elitist organizations that attract and nurture a culture of elitism. It is this image that the MET and others have to overcome!

Making the courtyard available to local artists to show their art during ArtHop would go a long way to reversing the elitist image. Make it free, openly announce and promote it, provide refreshments and a friendly MET greeter and the artists will come. Just think of the goodwill and vibes this would create among the artists who would proudly announce to family and friends "This Arthop I'm showing at the MET." It might even increase attendance inside!
Comment by John English on September 10, 2009 at 9:02pm
That's not my decision to make. We do participate in ArtHop though. The Courtyard is a free public space we provide for the community. There's no reason local artists couldn't use it, within reason - and many times they do. I've seen a number of folks sketching and even painting out there - not just during ArtHop.

Most of us (speaking personally now, not as a Met employee) who support the arts in Fresno recognize the Met is needed. As for the City owning the property - they've done so with the Art Museum for 60 years and the partnership has worked to the benefit of Fresno's arts community. No reason it can't be done here too.

Thanks for the input, and for the clarification.
Comment by Art Zocalo on September 10, 2009 at 7:30pm
If you look over my original post you'll notice that it is directed towards the local politics and public officials who co-sign on projects that are not self-sustainable. The Downtown Stadium, Granite Park and the MET are such projects.

You as well as other folks who posted a response took it personal. The city of Fresno being the owner of the EX MET buildings is what is a Joke (not the MET). Consequently if the City owns the buildings give them to the people and as far as the MET's stewardship of the space that the people of Fresno are so graciously paying for, share it with us!

Idealists and elitists especially with money push many protects into existence without counting the costs. Obviously the MET's leadership did such a thing. I'm sorry they failed, but we the people are left holding the bag.

The ball is in your court, my proposal is that the MET make the Johanson Family Courtyard available to local artists every ArtHop between 5:00 and 8:00 pm for free forever or at least until the MET pays the people of Fresno back!
Comment by John English on September 10, 2009 at 6:51pm
"Exactly what are you talking about? The organization vs the facilities?

I hope this is not what you mean to say, because everyone knows that a museum without a building is not a museum. "

Precisely what I'm saying. A museum without a building could theoretically find a new one, if it needed to. Fortunately we've got an arrangement in place and won't need to.

As for channel 30, we haven't talked to them. The part of the story concerning us though is months old news.

And as for the "elitist" stuff, I'd be happy to hear all about whoever connected with the Met made you feel that way in the past. I'm sure it's a misunderstanding that could be smoothed with a little honest dialogue. Ball's in your court, my contact info's in this thread a couple times.
Comment by SIN on September 10, 2009 at 5:49pm
OK, no caps, I am whispering now, my throat hurts from yelling Victor! : )
I guess we are just a bunch of emotional artists, trying to get our own points ac cross. We are all friends, aren't we?!
Now, on with the art!
And on with the LOVE...
Comment by Art Zocalo on September 10, 2009 at 4:45pm
Been out all day, just got in. I'm glad a few of you had a spirited conversation!

I have a Q for John,you said, "the City of Fresno owns the Museum's building, not the Museum. Two totally different things."

Exactly what are you talking about? The organization vs the facilities?

I hope this is not what you mean to say, because everyone knows that a museum without a building is not a museum.
Comment by Victor Ramayrat on September 10, 2009 at 4:01pm
Ok Sin... Chill with the all caps... :)

Anyway, in a related private conversation with John, he brings up a valid point: the FresnoMet is here to bring us world class, out-of-town arts/culture experiences; and the local art studios and galleries are the venues that would provide our local artists the venue to show their work.

If the MET was showing local artists (and they do, but I am talking about on a larger scale), it would put the many local art studio and galleries out of business. I think that our local arts eco-system here is starting to blossom, and because of artists' and arts organization's participation here in our social network, connections and conversations are happening!

The Fresno Arts Council and the Met are going to collaborate hopefully soon to bring the Fresno Arts Festival, where local artist could just show their craft without having to put out booth fees and such... We are working hard to make it happen this year, especially since 2009 is Fresno Arts Council's 30th year anniversary!

Peace and respect,

Victor Ramayrat
Community Host

PS. Something's brewing on our arts event calendar platform. Watch for it on October 1st! (which kinda means I am not sleeping for the next two weeks ;)

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