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TOnight on 30 News at 5:00 pm they reported on the Art Museum closing part of their facilities to the public because of the leaky roof. They also mentioned the decreased attendance and that they only had two full time paid employees. Their problems are not to be confused or compared to those of the failed MET.

At the fcash meeting today those in attendance addressed the need to support the downtown Art scene and to encourage others to do so as well! Hopefully they will find their way!

The KEY Word for the Arts and future ventures to boaster them is SUSTAINABILITY. Communism failed in the 80's and Western Capitalism followed suit just recently (even though no one acknowledges it, denial is a favorite ploy of the rich and arrogant).

The peoples Arts runs with little or no money, that's why it's not too much of a concern for the elite, but its also true that, we the people don't need Art Museums and METS which highlight dead peoples art.

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