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Red stained deputy's patrol car ,
victim of a strawberry war, 
traviesa de ojos grandes, 
curls caked in fruit.
" Una buena chinga te van a poner bonita", says the blond blue eyed man with the badge.
He is speaking Spanish, 
and it scares me
more than the knowledge my aunt Guille is going to smack me
for throwing strawberries at her friend's nephews.
I don't have anywhere to hide
will have to drive me home
in her new green car,
or was it her Thunderbird? 
am not sure, 
but she has worked hard to buy it and she doesn't want her mother's chiqueada to dirty it up.
The oldest of the nephews , 
a mighty 10, 
finds me in the rows of strawberries,
I tell him to be quiet, 
He smiles and cleans the mess off my face,
takes a strawberry from the plant 
and feeds it to me.
I swoon in the warm morning sun,
the smell of the fields flooding my senses. 
I am convinced I has just been kissed.
Strawberry kisses.

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