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Man on the moon watches from a distance but never reaches down to touch the soul ... Always held at a distance the cold glow that emanates from his eyes .. He stalks those who watch .. Trying to manipulate and demonstrate his power to me and you and all .. He can be your best ally or your worst enemy ..

He'd prefer enemy but for some he is understanding .. Understand the darkness as if he were born for the darkness and some of us were born to see this darkness. Understanding that the moon protects the darkness .. Shining glow to allow the lady sun her rest on the other side ... His kindness is sincere and his wrath is truth .. His cold heart beats and has a tendency to pretend to be something he is not ..

A beacon of hope .. But to those who see, he is exposed. Craters show fact that he's been hurt by those let close and now it's look but don't touch .. They used to touch but not kindly .. In remembrance he hides and changes crescent shaped hiding behind grey exterior but inside faces the contemplation of what's happening below .. Mind so full of abstract and knowledge that the stars fall from the mere mention ..

But he is always there somewhere .. Peeking through your window or glowing through your drawn curtains .. Stalking your night and hoping in his heart that you will contemplate his existence .. Stalker moon, I look to you .. The darkness is your home and your home is within the glow .. Safe and intangible hanging in the midnight sky .. I recognize that you long for the light but belong to the night.

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