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so i visited sonoma and bought two books on olives this weekend.

so there’s different types of yoga and meditation, thousands of supplements to take, too many butt boosting, waist trimming, posture correcting work outs to remember, along with a billion make up tricks that i’m too impatient to do on a daily basis, and a lot of nuts, fruits, and vegetables to eat. i should have a somewhat medium breakfast within a half hour of waking up, small lunch, smaller dinner, but snack every three hours in between(like nuts and berries) with 18 glasses of cold water a day and only a cup of coffee because it fucks up my nervous system i guess, and i think i need that. also applying lotions and re-taking supplements because i’m vain and paranoid. then obviously i’m hungry for knowledge on things other than health, so i have to read and watch tv while balancing the above, maybe even talk to people which reminds me i should probably keep up a semi-active social life.. along with some of my hobbies i hope to make into a cozy life style and careers, which i then hope are profittable so i can live okay-ish while donating to all those charities. but also this i need or should get a decent job to add to the money i’ve saved up for my “just in case” fund, that i have not touched in 3 months and to pay for courses and materials. i really don’t know where to start except for eating a healthy dinner and then reading

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