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"Show Me your Passion
your inner strength
your vision of worlds,
of tender hearts
set free by love."

Put your art out their,
let others into your secret
heart of hearts ...

Look at yourself
and ask ...
"is that really me
or is it just a mask
a diamond encased by the mud of life?"

Love Song Artist Community, a loosely connected assortment
of artists who puts on occasional shows, has a unique
opportunity to set up a standing Gallery. In the past, we
setup two day shows and then had to take everything
down so we wouldn’t interfere with others who also
used the space. That group is now gone and so the
opportunity to setup a standing Love Song
Artist Gallery exists! For those familiar with the Love
Song Community Outreach facilities you know that it sets
up quit nicely as a Gallery with a spacious floor
area for displaying 3D art. I once overheard an artist from
Fig Tree
comment that it was a better space than theirs!

Anyway this is what we could have:

  • 2000 sq ft to play with @ 263 N. Cedar Ave. Fresno
  • Art would remain up for the entire month, each and every month!
  • In addition to ArtHop, we can have set gallery days/hours every week.
  • On site storage of art would be available.
  • Studio time could also be scheduled so you can work in solitude.
  • To make this happen we need 10-12 artists that would commit to $50.00 a month.

Please take this into consideration and let me know your questions, concerns and interest.

Thanks, Bill


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Comment by Art Zocalo on April 30, 2010 at 3:29pm

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