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Revive our inspiration Recall our truths Renew our actions For families, classrooms & individuals Special sale on our “SunMt Family” docu-poems now available on DVD. All 7 DVDs for $99 incld sales tax, ship Buy a set for your favorite school and/or student and/or teacher.

6 Minutes (2003)Inside giant (200,000) mellow, joyful San Francisco peace rally. Satirical, playful, incisive, instructive street theater. A gigantic lesson for community organizers. An inspiring show of solidarity for peace and justice. A bold challenge to the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC). See clips here.

27 minutes with 14 interactive chapters. Fresno, California community rising up (2002-2006) to amplify Martin Luther King's legacy in present day words and actions within our current struggles for peace and justice. See clips here.

33 minutes with 22 interactive chapters. Pit Indians (1970) reclaiming their land from biggies in Northern California. See clips here.

¡MUMIA! Death Row Power 11 minutes with 8 interactive chapters. At risk teenager finds visions of social and personal transformation in San Francisco rally (2002) of thousands to save Mumia from the death chamber. Punctuated with incisive poetry of Julia Butterfly Hill. See clips here

33 minutes with 21 interactive chapters. Follow 5 union plumbers and join the Seattle confrontation (1999) between corporate globalization (WTO) and a broad street theater alliance of unions and other grassroot groups. A provocative blend of facts from speakers and creative street theater dramatizing specific to general objections to WTO trade policies and how they hurt people around the world. Interwoven are direct actions which stopped the WTO meetings. Later, our plumbers reflect on organizing tactics and their possible futures. See clips here

56 minutes on 2 disks with 36 interactive chapters (22 on IMF-WB abuses of poor & environment). Puppet makers confront World Bank-IMF in D.C. (2000) with dramas of corporate rips offs and creation of large Liberation face out of garbage. See clips here.

25 minutes with 5 interactive chapters.(1998-2008) Big Mama through the seasons, flowers, fruits & snow on SunMt. Meditative flute music by Lance Canales & Joseph Fire Crow, See clips &

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Comment by SIN on December 12, 2009 at 11:04am
Go get em' Georgey Porgey!!!

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