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'PEACE-PIPE' Part 1 Chapter 1 poem ' Hiawatha' Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1855

  • On the Mountains of the Prairie---

On the great Red Pipe-stone Quarry---

Gitche Manito, the mighty---

He the Master of Life, descending---

On the red crags of the quarry---

Stood erect, and called the nations---

Called the tribes of men together------


From his foot prints flowed a river, Leaped into the light of morning,---

O'er the precipice lunging downward---

Gleaming like Ishkoorlah, the comet.---

And the spirit, stooping earthward.---

With his finger on the meadow---

Tracing a winding pathway for it.---

Saying to it, "Run in this way!"---


From the red stone of the quarry---

With his hand he broke a fragment.---

Molded it into a pipe-head,---

Shaped it with figures;---

From the margin of the river---

Took a long reed for a pipe steam,---

With dark green leaves upon it,---

Filled the pipe with bark of willow,---

With the bark of the red willow.---


Breathed upon the neighboring forest---

Made it's great bough chafe together,---

Till in flame they burst and kindled;---

And exact upon the mountains.---

Gitcha Manito, the mighty,---

Smoked the calumet, the Peace-Pipe'---

As a signal to the nations.-


And the smoke rose slowly, slowly---

Through the tranquil air of the morning.---

First a single line of darkness---

Then a denser, bluer vapor,---

Then a snow white cloud unfolding,---

Like the tree tops of the forest,---

Ever, rising, rising,---

Till it touched the top of heaven.---

Till it broke against the heaven,---

And rolled outward all around it.---


From the Vale of Tauvusentha,---

From the Valley of the Wyoming.---

From the far off Rocky Mountains,---

From the norther Lakes and rivers,---

All the tribes beheld the signal,---

Saw the distant smoke ascending,---

The Puckwana of the Peace-Pipe.---


And the prophets of the nation,---

Said; "Behold it, the Pukwana!---

Bending like a hand that beckons,---

Calls the warriors to his council.------


Part 1 of Chapter 1 'The Peace Pipe' by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1807 - 1882.  Published 1855 - The name of the poem is 'Hiawatha' it contains  22 chapters.-

     The Pipe stone quarry is considered sacred as it was formed from the blood of American Indian Ancestors.  That is why the pipes made from the red rock are sacred.

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