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Como me encanta el verano




Warm hot aqua blue


my mind wanders,

an easily redirected stream.

Dipping my naked toes

into these enticing cool

pools of summers lost.

I dream while I eat.

teasing my memories with

blushing yellow cherries,

nibbling on perfumed peaches,

fuzz and bitter pit

tickling my throat.

I am young again.

Eight years old and hungry,

running among the fruit trees in a Freemont orchard,

eating off the branches.


Warm from the unforgiving California sun.

Memories entwined

braided with ribbons of shady orchard silhouettes

and hot

dry valley air


with promises

of more juicy treats.

Honey dribbles down my chin

onto my crisp cotton dress

and onto my bare knees,

Dusty from playing

in the gold speckled silt of the orchard.

Plum and watermelon juice

create streaks.

They make muddy tracks

on my legs.

A supple canvas, I finger paint on my dark copper skin.

Not caring if the sticky mess will surely win me

an unwelcomed

hot bath.

The only water I want to deal with


sprinklers, canals, and white stone bird baths.

Why can’t I hang a hose from the branches and wash my hair in the yard?

I like to watch the bubbles ride the green grass blades

around my toes.

So many rules

to stifle

my summer paradise.

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