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It was a dark night, quiet and long, I was alone, but without substance, I had nothing but my own guts to apply on my canvas. I needed to vent in the worst way. My eyes roamed the kitchen, the place I often paint, I saw some koolaid in a package. I opened it and made my own version of "paint". It was AWESOME, I then found some coffee, watered and old from the morning so many hours ago, it made more amazing color as I added it to my beginnings of an art piece.


I paint with my fingers. The satisfaction of control, sliding them where ever I wanted, and the dirtier they become, the more I enjoy the process. My lipstick made me wonder, the color added vibrance as I pressed my lips on the surface, smearing them with passion, my senses alive, my emotions releasing, through expression.


My love of art...I must smile when someone inquires about my works. The sensuality lingers in my mind. I must say, nothing has ever been quite as satisfying as the creation of art. Each piece holds a memory of it's own, a purpose.


When I feel so angry with this world, when I have no one but my own soul to tame my raging temper, no where but my own art to take this restless soul, to cry with as my tears evolve from the pain on it's surface, I feel a passionate sense of relief.

Art therapy...



I am presently obaining a Master's of Art Therapy at Fresno Pacific University. The love I have for art and the healing that I have aquired through this love has been a defining moment between myself and the insanity that nearly owned my mind. I am alive, like many artists I feel with great passion, a gift that we must accept. We are easily wounded by the anguish that surrounds us, but through art, we renew our souls, we carry our burdens to create and re-create. We teach mankind, often with judgement of the ignorant, but we must not unravel, for we are the salt of the earth, creating imagery in great depth, for ourselves firstly, though our contribution to the human spirit holds high stature. Imagine a world without the arts. Now that would be tragedy.

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Comment by SIN on February 23, 2011 at 7:30pm
Yes Christina, it really is.
Comment by Christina R Martinez on November 23, 2010 at 8:46am
This is beautiful.

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