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Homelessness; An American Tragedy

Saying goodbye to a friend. A wall of death... This photo was taken under the bridge on G st. The blankets are a part of the tent that houses one of Fresno's many homeless human beings. I was compelled to shoot this, it grabs me and makes me feel so much compassion for the obvious loss that someone endured.

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Comment by Rosemary Lakovich on December 14, 2009 at 9:18pm
Humans, Children of the living GOD, sleeping on the streets, my Eldest delivers Bread for the one of finest bakery in town, witnessed a beating from 1 h. to another in retribution from being kicked while laying down sleeping the previous evening. In a perfect world, everyone will have their own mansion. Let us intend that every human being has a safe comfortable place to lay their head down at night

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