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Some more people decided to order some stuff, and on a bonus side I found my list of websites for charities and easy cash, how to save cash and get discounts <: plus I'm re-applying for financial aid so hopefully I wont be so hungry or give in to my lingerie&loungewear addiction. I should post some things online or something or try selling them.. I'll probably reactivate my facebook within the next 2 weeks and start networking&advertising again.
Today's weather was really beautiful, it was cool, slightly chilly but very sunny so I decided to geso some canvases for my boyfriend outside. When I wanted a break I'd play with my bunnies and do a bit of weeding. After a bit I went inside and started sewing and putting together some old make up I never use q:

The past couple days have been fun even though I've been sick ):< I went to Olive Garden with my boyfriend and his best friends, we played GTA and watched movies together, drew...he took care of me while I was sick >.< 
This week is gonna be soooo stressful.... there's a LOT of sewing to be done but also schoolwork to be turned in. Not to mention trying to put together something for our 6 month anniversary to give him but I'm pretty sure I got it down :D

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