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Meat eaters get their teeth jammed up

so what, so do vegans with broccoli.

My dentist says, flossing is good,

he also said I have good teeth.

I eat both.

I also am a swing voter, so what!

I figure if you drink enough beer it will wash it all away!

Having your teeth all jammed up is unenlightening,

a reversal of the Buddha nature, a real drag!

Oh, by the way my dentist didn't tell me that ... I figured it out on my own!


My doctor says two drinks a days are A-O-K for men and one for women,

But "if a little is good a lot more is better", that's street knowledge!

Not taught in school but every fool knows over imbibing is bad as hell for your health

So kids stay in school.


My cute doctor, yes she's a female, recently put me on her treadmill.

About every 3 minutes she juiced up the speed and asked if I had any chest pains?

Maybe for her ... oh shit don't tell my wife!

Before we started she pointed to the paddles of life so as to reassure me.

I think shes wanted to try them out.

She probably read my thoughts!


Live long and prosper!   AZ`



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