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here's the article:

cool things in the article.

--Bobby Joe Neely gets a mention as well, another local musician.

--they call me a "Fresno Musician, Patrick Contreras"...

--the article was a big one.

things that didn't get mentioned, but shoulda.

--fresno's own Matthew Schwartz from who put some serious effort in to making this happen

--the great mexican that was in abundance

I've talked with Susan Emerling, the journalist. She was impressed, so were hoping hoping hoping hoping to get a CD review for "The American Rock Violinist" in June. If it happens, I'll soil myself and then post a link to the article here on famous. In the meantime, this article is cool and its great the valley got some love and so did our music.

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Comment by SIN on April 27, 2009 at 12:11pm
Whoa, that is incredible! Congrads! I saw you play for the first time at the Fresno High concert. Amazing.

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