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Esta es mi panza.

This is my belly.

It is not shaped like an athlete’s belly.

It is shaped by too many pan dulce sessions,



and pizza.

This belly has held life four times,

 but only given birth twice.

My panza remembers four ,

 even when my arms have only held two.

Mi panza.

 my belly,

has been insulted, reputed, even attacked

by men and women

who find it ugly.

There have been times

in my life

when I

hated it


I cannot tell you

when the loathing ended.

I just know

 I accept myself,

 for who I am


with the open heart

I have afforded the rest of humanity,

without hesitation,



I think sweetly on.

My belly.

Mi panza,

 has been caressed, kissed, decorated

like an altar,

with fresh flowers and jewels,

honey poured on it,


There have been souls,

who have



 adored my panza.

 I hold it's floppy lop sided parts

and smile.

This is my panza.

What a good life we have had.

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Comment by Aideed Medina on August 19, 2014 at 2:43pm
Thank you Emily. I wrote this inspired by the work I did preparing for a performance of the Panza monologues. You should check out that play. It is very insightful and healing. We are beautiful exactly as we are. :)
Comment by Emily Redondo on August 19, 2014 at 2:29pm

Thank you!  I have never had children but since the age of 14-15 people have asked me if I'm pregnant about once a week.  It's inspiring to see that you love you. Thanks again!

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