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Santo de mi devoción , carne de mi tentación , hombre de mis locuras mas oscuras,



you are real, holy.

 I need to look beyond the deep black eyes,

the strong features that make my skin burn in licking tongues of blue flame.

I need to shut my eyes and hear you speak.



I need to watch you go about your day in meditation ,

exhausting the concentration of a monk into imagining your skillful  hands freeing me of particular items of clothing,

liberame de este deseo, no me libres de tu bien o de tu amor.


I don’t want you to love me as much as I want you to have me, 

hair wild, spread across your bed, your chest.

 I don’t want to talk when the door closes,

 I want more than a drink,

ten compasión de mi.


 I want to fill myself with you and pray at your feet,

watching you adoringly.

Santo de mi devoción , carne de mi tentación , hombre de mis locuras mas oscuras,


Today something changed and something triggered a chain reaction.

No se como amarte mas de tan lejos y con tanto pudor.

Damn unruly inhibitions, crumble like sand castles and my body feels the ocean that you breathe in.

 The surge is stronger than the “I shouldn't” and the “we couldn't” and the” this is not right” and the last and weakest of all, the “what will he think?"

Like I give a damn at this moment,

when I am contemplating the thought of touching you with my lips? 

I could want your body more than I have lusted after your mind, 

more than I have wanted to touch your spirit.

Today I have lost sight of the order of things.

I want to know the flesh

as I learn the heart.


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Comment by Aideed Medina on May 25, 2012 at 4:59pm

The eclipse, 2012

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