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Danza is performing at the 2009 CVD Fest!!

Directors Name: Gladys Alvarez
Danza Biography: Danza Latin Dance ensemble was born from the desire to display the latin culture and it’s immense gamma of dance genres. Danza aims to showcase the roots of latin dance with a major emphasis in Salsa. Our mission is to provide an honorable performance team that emits originality, high technique, and flavorful entertainment. Danza was established in June of 2008, major accomplishments include: Los Angeles International Salsa Congress, Las Vegas Salsa Congress, San Francisco Salsa Dance Troupe Competition among many local venues. Current members include: Soli Carrillo, Fernando Bernal, Olivia Vega, Ernesto Altamirano, Michael Garcia and Gladys Alvarez.
What is dance?: To me Dance is a joyful, unconfined opportunity to express all your desires, emotions & feelings within the harmony of a musical piece. --Gladys Alvarez Dance is an interpretation of life, our feelings, and emotions expressed thru a melody that makes us move by the emotions that it brings thru its tones and words. --Fernando Bernal
Why is it important to me?: In my life dance is 3 things: Something I enjoy, Something I work on, and a goal with no finish line, just like life. --Gladys Alvarez Dance is important to me because it interprets who we are and how we feel without words. -- Fernando Bernal
Contact Information: E-mail:
2009 Central Valley Dance Festival
Where: Veteran's Memorial Auditorium 2425 Fresno St. Fresno, CA 93721
When: November 7, 2009
Time: 2:00 P.M.- Celebrating Unity 7:00 P.M.- Unity in Diversity
Advanced Ticket sales: George- (559) 240-4068 Orie- (559) 355-6002 Kids with Student ID : $5 Kids 12 and under: $10 Adults 13 and over : $15

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