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Contemporary Art Gallery in Ensenada, Mexico

Last month, I got the chance to meet the owner of a contemporary art gallery and cafe in Ensenada during a brief stop-over on a 3-day cruise. His name is Memo Ramirez and his gallery cafe is aptly called
Cafe Cafe. I would like to share a couple of photos I have with him and his family. Of all the shops we visited, it's comforting that there is at least one that mixes art with retail business, especially amidst the many liquor shops, bars, and souvenir stores that makes up most of the Ensenada's busy area. Here's a photo of myself and Memo:

Here's a photo of his family:

I mentioned our growing community here at FresnoArts during our brief conversation. Thanks for reading this post...

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Comment by SIN on January 11, 2009 at 5:41pm
Wow, that is neat. I bet the art there is really beautiful. I went to Mexico only once as a child and brought back a few handmade wood items but was always very interested in the colorful art objects I saw there. My mom bought a big hand painted vase that was really goddy, at least I thought it was, but looking back now, I bet I just did not appreciate the beauty of that art piece. I remember my father laughing at her for wanting it. It was a huge vase. Anyway, thanks for posting your photos. It brought back some wonderful memories of my own childhood vacation. I bet you had a really good time, you looked really happy in the photo.
Take care, Cyn
Comment by robert weibel and Patti Calvert on December 14, 2008 at 10:08pm
The Printmakers Guild exhibiting currently (through December) at Blue Moon Gallery (Bullard and West), and Golda Art Space (1239 Fulton Mall).

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