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with houses i really like the use of space. not particularly organization, but just making use of small space.

yeah. kinda like that.

if i lived in this room, it obviously wouldnt be pink. the top would have my record player, books, tv, bed, posters, dresser, collage, work, and… laptop. the bottom would be a kitchenette, small chill space, and..yup.

^that’s my plan if i end up needing roomates^ it will be akward if someone decided to have sex and not warn anyone.

these last two i like because the ceilings are angled, the sheer drapes on the bed, the canopy having rope lights and being branch like, the flowers(obviously), and the windows. i don’t like square rooms with flat ceilings. probably because that’s all i’m ever around.

blah blah blah

to sitttttt in the garden

ill drink a lot and use this method against the walls. cork is very reusable. it’s sturdy and can be reshaped into anything. even furniture.


it’ll go like this: master garden of victory leads to the green house, into the kitchen, which is apart of the dining room(like above) 4 steps down BOOM the living room(just pretend that the living rooma and green house weren’t pictured) a big open space. spot the orange juice. yum.



im bored okay?

trrrreeee house

ive always wanted one. i sort of had a club house. it had two walls. the neighbor kids and i would play in this field resivoir sorta thing and it had a tiny shed near the trailor park entrance. i’d still be going in there if the barbed wire wasn’t such a bitch. ANYWAYS IVE ALWAYS WANTED A TREE HOUSE.

fuck visitors, i have a lake.

ignore the hipster, they aren’t allowed.

for shits and giggles.

the lake part? hmm..

fuck your lake house keanu reeves.

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