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June 2nd ARTHOP The Brick Wall at JA Photography Artist Linda Lloyd Pitts and Musician Steve Ono 5 to 8 PM Free

Artist Linda Lloyd Pitts exhibits some of her smaller works in our cozy little space accompanied by the guitar music of Steve Ono.


POST ARTHOP SPECIAL EVENT at The Brick Wall at JA Photography Free to the public 

The Fresno Folklore Society Presents the Atomic Antics DVD Release Party June 2nd 8:00 PM


The Atomic Antics Show took place at the Wild Blue Yonder Nightclub in 1986 and features skits and musical performances by the Folksong Army (you know who you are!) and many local performers such as David Lane, Linda Booth, Linda Halk, Sherron Brown, Alan Hubbart, Jon Adams and Sue Lyon Beevers, Susana Peckinpah, David Morgan, Marta Hall, Kim Ringer, Becky Ringer, Christa Feasel, Ken Coy, Karl Saul, Linda Dryden, Don Thompson, Chris Moad, Bradley Rogers, Roger Perry, John Clifton, Jimmy Carter and Mike Newton.


The VHS video was shot at the Wild Blue Yonder and was produced in conjunction with the UN International Year of Peace. It was edited by Steve Ono for Fresno Folklore Records. Art Work by Tom Walzem of Ottocreative.


DVDs will be $15 each.

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