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Hello everyone... After experiencing a great "Fresno pride moment" with the FS Bulldogs winning the College World Series, I am back to work...

Our online community have been growing at a great pace... With that said, I would like to remind that we are still in "beta" status --- which means that our platform will "break" or "change" anytime. However, any changes would be for implementing incremental improvements in the usefulness of the website.

Within the next few weeks, I am implementing a major user interface change on the information architecture of the website. This would mean that the header tabs on the top of the website will change (moved around), but not eliminated (so site features and sections, like Forums, will remain).

I would like to give the community due notice before I implement any changes so there won't be any "interface shock". The change (or at least I think of it as improvement) is needed based on usability feedback and site metrics that I gathered during the initial release of our website.

Once again, I would like to thank you for being active in our online community. Let's continue to show the many talents and artwork that are present here in the Valley.

Update, Sunday, 7/6/08: It's obvious that our online community is starting to get anchored around events based on the update on the main navigation today. One of the goals of FresnoArts project is to exhibit and showcase arts-related events and activities in order to entice our community (those looking for "What to do in Fresno") to visit this site, which results to maximum exposure for the arts (ie. both artists and arts organizations). Of course, this approach is debatable, but rest assured that we fully understand the importance of the community component of this project. We have more plans/features up our sleeve to help artists (and arts organizations) get the exposure needed for their craft.

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