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FresnoArts Community is a social network for artists and arts promoters. This project aims to provide a marketing platform for artists and arts organizations to connect with arts enthusiasts, other artists, donors, and supporters; to share stories, engage discussions, post photos and artworks, and promote your shows/exhibits.

The new - your marketing platform

The new FresnoArts will allow arts and arts organization to submit artists essays, articles, and write-ups of shows and exhibitions. It also contains a simple-to-use directory for artists and arts organizations as well as a public arts registry and arts education bulletin board. Visit to experience the website.

Integration of this online community

This online community is an integral part of the arts marketing platform planned by the Fresno Arts Council. Historically, we have had challenges in coming up with an events calendar solution that is optimal and efficient. By merging a social network platform with a publishing system, we are able to achieve a complementary solution.

The following is an example workflow for an arts promoter:

1. Sign-up at as a promoter
2. Submit an article for consideration (skip to 3 if there is an events component prior to submission).
3. If article has an events component, join the social network
4. Enter events on the social network calendar
5. Memorize the URL of the event entered.
6. Place the events URL on the article being submitted.

Confusing? We are working on a video tutorial to assist you. Also, we are seeking funding/sponsorships so that we could afford a coordinator that will help with technical support.

Notice of Content Moderation

Because of the inherent risk involving online communities, we've decided to moderate the membership to this community (which means that your profile could be banned from the network without notice). We understand that moderating an online community puts some constraints to our growth, but our position is that we'd rather have an online community based on the "quality" and "realness" of the members. We would like to take a disciplined approach to our growth because we take security, privacy, and accountability seriously.

With that in mind, we hope that doesn't stop you from joining. FresnoArts was built for all artists and to create a support system through online social networking. Together, let's make this project successful!

Victor Ramayrat
Marketing Director
Fresno Arts Council

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