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The Fresno Arts Community is now over 100 members strong. Please continue to invite fellow artists and arts promoters to join (especially before Fall 2008 when membership to the Fresno Arts Council (FAC) will be required to join the community.)

I would like to blog about the project, the FAC, and marketing in general. The purpose of the project is to provide a centralized marketing and communication platform for artists and arts promoters. So far, after two weeks of launch, we are heading in the right direction.

However, I have observed during the course of my service at the Fresno Arts Council, that arts marketing falls short, either because the artists/arts promoter do not have a large marketing budget (mostly) or that the artists/arts promoter do not maximize "pushing" the campaign. Since the FAC could not really help with the budget side (believe us we wish we can :), we opt to concentrate on helping maximize your campaign.

Process: How do we do it?

We raise the awareness of the Arts. A rising tide lifts all boats. By constantly talking and advocating for the Arts, we continue the conversation and awareness of its importance.

Action: What have we done?

One of the efforts we successfully accomplished is getting the Fresno County to agree on appropriating 1% of development fees on any county buildings to public art. Also, Fresno County is now interested in using local artists' artwork on all county websites (of course, with permission, and appropriate attribution).

Also, we continue to serve artists and arts promoters in the promotion of events and shows by assisting with postcards mailing and providing online marketing through platform.

Finally, we celebrate the arts through the Horizon Awards, a highly-coveted award and recognition for artist's excellence.

Impact: How does it affect you as an artist?

A thriving arts eco-system benefits each and everyone. A supportive community inspires artists to create more and even educate upcoming talents. We help each other out.

What could you do individually?

1. Continue excelling in your craft.
2. Invest time and effort on your marketing campaign to let the community know about your event.
3. Post your events here at the Fresno Arts Community and write a good description (even post images) that would entice site visitors to go to your event.
4. Submit an article to so that the FAC staff writers could post it.
5. Create postcards and visit the FAC office so that you could get help on mailing them.
6. Utilize the many community websites that are available including:,, news websites...

The Fresno Arts Council is here to help, but the take-away message I would like to give you is that "to put the time and effort in marketing". You could never market enough. It helps you and it helps the whole Fresno arts eco-system thrive.

Support the Fresno Arts Council by being a member.

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Comment by Kathy Ritscher on July 24, 2008 at 9:06pm
Thank you for all of these great tips and info on marketing. I know that marketing is my downfall of how to proceed. I tend to rely on any event that I go to to do all of the marketing. It is hard when funds are low and creativity is high. But that is the life of an artist.

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