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Greetings to all of our dear member artists and arts enthusiasts. I know I have been kind of incognito lately, dropping in and out quite quickly... Well, I have to be honest that I was working on a pet project of mine; because I vowed to relaunch it already and take it off my back for a while.

Well that pet project is called - a career website that serves the employers here in Fresno County for posting jobs, career events, and company profiles. I relaunched to a new platform this weekend and am very scared and hopeful. Scared that I do not lose my #1 Google search ranking (attribute to 50% of the 6,000 unique traffic per month); hopeful that even if I do, I get to compensate the traffic with guerilla marketing.

Which leads me to writing this blog, because I am asking for your FULL support. I firmly believe in word-of-mouth marketing and I would like to ask you to please do talk about the website service with your HR peeps, recruiter friends, small business employers, non-profits execs to consider the site when they are ready to do recruitment advertising --- or simply just to post a job opportunity.

Also, if you have friends that are unemployed or are independent contractors, let them visit the website (specifically to create a profile type resume so they could be searched and discovered by potential clients and employers.

I've created a Fresno Online Network link to on our home page right sidebar. Hopefully, my hard work will pay off and I'll start getting off the "ramen" diet. :)

Respectfully and sincerely,

Victor Ramayrat
Socient Holdings, Inc.

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