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What Movements did the Sixties Spawn?

The Anti-War, Black Power, Brown Power, Sexual liberation, Woman's Liberation, American Indian, Student Rights and the Civil rights movements! If any of these movements have had an impact on your life please join us for the Hippie Show this November 15!

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Comment by Emily Redondo on November 11, 2008 at 7:23pm
I shall be there in spirit!
Comment by AUDREY RAWLINGS ARENA on October 27, 2008 at 6:28pm
Hey Bosque, remember the Jesus people? They owned a couple of houses in Fresno and elsewhere and lived a unique lifestyle. I NEVER pick up hitch hikers, but my boyfriend and I were compelled to pull over and give this "hippie" couple a ride. When we arrived at their destination we were invited into one of thier homes, and were really impressed.. They shared all work, food, clothes etc. The women and men had separate rooms unless they were married. They had musical instruments, furniture, bean bags, etc.They would go to get fresh clothes from the closet each morning--choosing from all the clothes available. They gathered me and my boyfriend into their prayer circle, and sincerely prayed for us. The men mostly had shoulder length hair or longer, and the women mostly had very long hair and wore long dresses. It was very rewarding. A great experience. I would have joined them, but was too attached to my individual possessions ( they all had donated theirs to the common good of the group.) I think that experience also is alive and well in my art, most of my themes are "Scenes of the Peaceful Kingdom.

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