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Well, this post is probably for all of us artists who are going to be having ArtHops tomorrow night...
YE GADS, 107 ?!?!?.

I'm wondering if anyone in Fresno will be brave enough to venture out in that heat??
And why oh why does the heat wave have to hit on this particular Arthop night? "My night" as we are all thinking.

And for anyone who might try to answer this redundant question...I know the answer..I've lived in Fresno for gadzillion years and I know the answer...but I still cry into the super heated air...why me and why oh why THIS Arthop night?
Ah Well...Such is life.

Anyone who would like to join me at Planet Java, on West Shaw and VanNess tomorrow night from 5-8 PM will be welcome
to discuss the heat,
how hot it is,
how we in Fresno survive it,
how hot it is,
why we live HERE,
how hot it is,
how great Fresno is,
how hot it is.
and any other topic they wish,
(and how hot it is)

and even look at art,

please come.

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Comment by Steff on March 28, 2010 at 1:40am
LMAO!!! Great post.

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