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Movie Review for "Once"

Once A 2007 musical reviewed by Bosque

Written and directed by John Carney.

A beautiful, passionate and raw story of a broken hearted Irish song writer: Who naturally is a wonderful storyteller! In the second scene, the main character played by Glen Hansard appears as a madman singing on a dark street corner of Dublin. Of course he’s dealing with the disillusionment of a broken heart. Then along comes a young Czech woman, Marketa Irglova, Glen’s counter part, and… Continue

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The aggressive artist

July 21, 2009

Dear Bill,

Yesterday, Bill (Bosque) Redondo of Fresno, California, wrote: "I know quite a few artists who are really serious about marketing and selling their art. However, it seems like they are not aggressive enough and I wonder if that might be the reason for their lack of sales? Do artists need to 'wine and dine' potential customers or should they trust their art to sell itself?"

Thanks, Bosque. While selling is not the Holy Grail to many… Continue

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Are you lonesome this morning?

Are you lonesome this morning?

July 14, 2009

Dear Bill,

Yesterday, Mary Catherine Jorgensen of the East Bay in northern California wrote: "A side effect of being a self-employed artist is occasional loneliness. Not everyone works alongside other artists, and many of us work alone. The privilege of being able to choose between music, radio news, or silence, and between working early in the morning or starting at noon--in short, being one's own boss--has a… Continue

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Rainbow Gathering New Mexico

Over 10,000 children of the Rainbow (hippies & Neo hippies) are gathered today in the mountains of New Mexico praying for world Peace. This is the Om circle!

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Artist soul
Driven to succeed
Destined for greatness
Dazzling persona
Dancing Bojangles
Searching for the lost child
Peter Pan Savior
Music video icon
Billie Jean
I’ll be there
Sea of contradictions
Beat it
The best ever
We are the world
We are better off
For his coming
Thanks, Michael …………..

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Quick Take your Clothes off ...

Artist Joke: An artist had been working on a nude portrait for a long time, posing for him was beautiful voluptuous Redhead . Every day, he was up early and worked late - bringing perfection with every stroke of his paint brush. As each day passed, he gained a better understanding of the female body and was able to really make his paintings shine. After a month, the artist had become very weary from this non-stop effort and decided to take it easy for the day. Since his model had already… Continue

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Creation got a Love It >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

* ** *** Creation surrounds us. We are caught up in something bigger than ourselves. Like a captivating masterpiece that holds us spellbound by its beauty, the cosmos, as our home, should make us want to take our shoes off and stay awhile. Of all life forces that animate mother earth, we are the most disrespectful and destructive. It shouldn't be this way ............. but it is. Lets change Lets live in harmony Lets protect the integrity of our environment Lets return to the garden before its… Continue

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The Rattananan Video

If you missed her live performance, we've posted the video of her dance for your enjoyment! Enjoy, Posted by Rattananan's stage Crew

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Congratulations & Blessings to Victor

Thanks Victor for the wonderful Ribbon Cutting ceremony and Reception for your new office on Broadway!

A great assortment of community leaders and local artists gathered tonight April 2 for a pre-ArtHop party to celebrate Victor Ramayrat's new business location in the the heart of the Cultural Arts district! Victor gracious hosted us with appetizers, wine and good vibes! Thanks Victor, May many blessings always surround you as you serve the community you love!

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April 7th Concert w/ Lance, Pieter & Roger w/ Paintings of local Musicians by Kathryn Pedroza

The Concert will feature Pieter Moerdyk, Lance Canales and Roger Perry: See the link below for more information!

Local Artist Kathryn Pedroza will display a wonderful collection of paintings depicting local Fresno Musicians. ALso exhibiting are Audrey Arena, Rattananan and Stephanie Allison.

Bosque 559 304-9404

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What Movements did the Sixties Spawn?

The Anti-War, Black Power, Brown Power, Sexual liberation, Woman's Liberation, American Indian, Student Rights and the Civil rights movements! If any of these movements have had an impact on your life please join us for the Hippie Show this November 15!

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Q. How Many Hippies does it take to have a lov'n?

A. "Love the one you're with!" = 2
Click here for more info on the Hippie show!

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