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It’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Local Business Saturday this week. This time of the year is probably when one of the best opportunities to sell your work emerges, yet most artists don’t know how to take advantage of it. Some of them may even feel guilty about promoting sales at this time. For those of you who feel guilty about telling friends, past customers, family and acquaintances “Hey, consider buying from me when selecting Holiday gifts”, let’s consider a few things. Do you know…


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When I started to take my art seriously, I knew that peer group association was important for me to grow as an artist, but finding the right art group to join was a little frustrating.  Why is it so important to associate with other artists? Well, although you can create art in a vacuum, if your art is never evaluated by…


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Paintings of mine

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Nov. 1st ArtHop

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Art Hop

Hi Everyone!!

I will be having an Opening Reception from 5pm-8pm tomorrow at the Starbucks on West & Ashlan.  I hope you can come and check out my new Artwork!!  

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Fresno ArtHop

Please join me at the Evergreen Garden Center, on 210 Alluvial Ave, in Clovis for my first ArtHop event...  Thursday, Oct. 18th, 5-8pm

I'm showing large digital prints of surreal landscapes and flowers.

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open studio schedules

I have Open studio 6-9 pm Wednesday nights at my studio at 1050 San Jose #104-  Northeast corner of Shaw and Clovis Just on the corner of San Jose and Cole.

I Make  Pottery and Ceramics,  we have 3 wheels (of diffrent types), a tile roller, 2 kilns a casting table, and a lot enginuity...

materials at cost, low firing fees, good conversation and free lessons and help on anything related to our intrests, Children are welcome   (accompanied by an…


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Free Gift Cards for my facebook fans... will be showing at Le Parisien Cafe in November-December, then mailing them out.

I am doing a new series of cards as gifts for my fans...   if you like my art page and friend me then I will be perusing your pictures and picking out inspiring photographs of yours to paint and draw.  I am going to be exhibiting these along with some fine art work at Le Parisien Cafe for November and December 2012.

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One of the oldest and most beloved Art Shows will be presented by the ARTWORKS Group at Northwest Church on Palm and Barstow on October 13th.  There will be over 50 fine artists works to view including sculpture, oils, water color, hand crafted jewelry and many other fine pieces. 

Refreshments and drinks will be served along with a chance to meet and discuss art with many of the best local artist.  See you there from 10 to 3PM




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Dealing With Vilification Of Character Or Work On Social Network Sites

What response do you make when some person posts a negative opinion of you or your work on your website or a social network site? Some tips on what you can do about this without starting a major public feud and how to turn a negative into a positive action. Congratulations. You now have a brand…


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Single Layer Stencil Tutorial

How to make a single layer stencil using Photoshop. View it here.  Happy cutting!

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Art and Survival

Is art necessary for survival?

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Do you have an internet presence? If you do, are you getting value for your money? Do you have only one site, or do you use many? I use about 5 – 10 sites regularly and I selected most of them for specific reasons which I have given below. Why do I put art up on so many sites? Well, frankly, I do it for the same reason Ann Landers syndicates her column in so many different newspapers: so I can get more exposure for individual art pieces. The more widespread your art is throughout the cloud,…


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Abalone Shells

I could walk miles and miles

of beach.

Climb over dunes covered in blooming succulents.

 Just to remember back to the Easter eggs we never found

buried in the sand,

or the abalone we stole from the sea.

I made swimming pools for my dolls

out of those…


Added by Aideed Medina on August 25, 2012 at 11:00am — 2 Comments

California geology, fauna, flora and climate.

California Geology, Fauna and Flora and Climate.

Let me pretend

you are not so near.

On this side of the hemisphere.

On my continent.

So close to me,


my thoughts 

travel along the fault line,

to the edge of the ocean canyon of the…


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dulce niña

I think I watched your childhood in a dream, I am certain, yesterday I

ran around with you in the yard,

 I read the book about the moon to you one hundred times.

 We laughed at the same jokes twice as much, and each time louder.

All in one moment.



Added by Aideed Medina on August 14, 2012 at 4:30am — 1 Comment

coffee house

The coffee shop,

 only a hop skip and a dance down the fountain lined road,

always waits for me.

I listen to the mermaid song as I geisha step in the unexpected summer rain.

Plugged into my phone

and the day dreams reflected in the fountain pools.

The smiles come so easily

And I dance wildly

in my head.

 The serious men in suits

let my  laughter

make them high as I walk by.

They want to watch

me walk -…


Added by Aideed Medina on August 1, 2012 at 3:00pm — 1 Comment


10 pm summer silence

Unique to July nights in hot valley towns

A quite that is lulled into twilight by air conditioner hums

The chlorine on the skin and in our hair

is the evening perfume in between the cool cotton sheets.

You are sleeping

And I am dreaming,

watching over the home we share.

This is peace.

This is happiness, in my simple serene 40th summer.

I have learned to wish for calm smiles.

Even when I am lost in murky passionate…


Added by Aideed Medina on July 13, 2012 at 9:46pm — No Comments

Bus Route Number 20

Yet another early morning bus ride

Six inch heels and noir dress

Feels out of place and almost ridiculous

Standing on the corner

Looking down the street

for the number 20.

My route day in and day out.

Same bus down town, same bus up town.

Never quite feels the same at all.


she stops,

Looks at me and laughs

“What you doing under the STOP sign girl?”


Bus all to myself.

Until the…


Added by Aideed Medina on June 28, 2012 at 11:30am — No Comments

addictions are very personal tragedies

When Etta sings

I let go

into my unapologetic


That false feeling

That I know you,

that you know



Addictions do not make sense,

They have no reason.

Who could care what day it is,

who loves me,

or who I hold.


My body is obsessed with the thrill

Of the fantasy.


The grip

I feel

when I think I could lock myself up in a glass…


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