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February 2012 Blog Posts (13)

A prayer to my father.

 There are many seasons in a person’s life. We go through changes of a metamorphism, that takes place and the beauty that flow from the heart.  God has placed  a purpose for each and every one of us. Many people forget that there is more transitional flow. Let go of the things that were never meant to be and allow that the one who love's us will  set us free, from yesterdays sorrows. God understands the need of wanting a companion. If that love is meant to be it will take transition at the…


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How to Create a Series

How to Create a Series


I was wondering the other day, what  are people like me interested in when just starting out or just trying to get some general info about their art community and future? How about, how to go about creating a series. There are few things you may want to consider before you go…


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i cant exactly capture these clouds,

but they sure can capture me.

staring at the sky,

my thoughts can soar

grass and dirt beneath my feet,

trees and leaves right above me.

Added by lemon v on February 25, 2012 at 1:07am — 1 Comment

janky lines

See what you do!

Hear what you scream!

Feel how i crinkle in the light of your dreams.

Fragrenced in my weakness so much it fills the brim.

Taste this thin layer of falsehoods.…


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beauty's bitch (2007)

barbie dolls, perfection. ken her addiction.

perfect life, perfect man. fake tits, fake ass.

plastic princess. painted on smile.

blank stare, nothings there. admires; no one cares.

girls trying to be this chick. we all know she rides more than one dick.

creams, hair…


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sirens ringing through out the streets.

kids running away

asphault under their feet

music blasting

cars crashing

kids screaming

are we dreaming?

graffiti everywhere

spray cans and colors

do they think about their mothers?

do they even care?

gangs claiming territory

trying to hold somewhat glory.

moneys stolen

youth being scolded.

slang for everything

baggy instead of fit

can we…


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the almost truth about time. (a theory by a 13 year old me)

the almost truth about time!

okay well it's not the truth but it's a theory i came up with...

Doesn't anyone think that it's a little crazy that there's 28 days in Febuary?

Well, i did. So i cut off everyday after the 28th on every month. Turns out theres enough days to make another 28 day month meaning 13 months. Now here's something you may not have known: There's supposedly 13…


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Promoting yourself as an artist is hard work

You can read more about this by check out the Modern Artist Handbooks on my web sitePromoting yourself as an artist is hard work. Don’t expect someone else to look out for your interests. Does this take time away from creating your art? Yes, it does. However, if…


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with houses i really like the use of space. not particularly organization, but just making use of small space.

yeah. kinda like that.

if i lived in this room, it obviously wouldnt be pink. the top would have my record player, books, tv, bed, posters, dresser, collage, work, and… laptop. the bottom would be a kitchenette, small chill space, and..yup.

^that’s my plan if i end up needing…


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anndrea the lemon

bland bland bland

more bland than sand

blah blah blah

fuck me gently with a chainsaw


Added by lemon v on February 12, 2012 at 3:44pm — No Comments

oh j


did you call a month later and why

did you think i wanted to snort cocaine again

"i still love you"

and why are you trying to…


Added by lemon v on February 2, 2012 at 3:30am — 1 Comment

Call for Artists Open Juried Online Show for Artist's World Magazine April Issue

Call for Artists Open Juried Online International Art Contest for Artist's World Magazine April Issue.

Submit your entry now, for details please visit our website at:

voting is held at our Facebook Page at:…


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Fresno Art Hop!


Thursday, February 2

5 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Regina M. Raya

Works of art can be seen at three locations this art hop. Pen work, painted bottles, and boxes sold at Colligo Studio ~ 1416 Broadway, Love is Life is being displayed at the Chris Sorensen Gallery ~ 2223 S.…


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