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Aideed Medina
  • Fresno, CA
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Aideed Medina posted blog posts
Jul 8, 2015
Aideed Medina updated their profile
Feb 2, 2015
Aideed Medina posted a blog post


It isthe every dayquiet,deceivingly ordinary,drunk happinessI wear,when you,wrap songsofmoonshinethat begin to playas singular notes,from the soles of my feet,slowlytwistingintomelodiesthatsweep upandpassmy belly,with the weight of feathers.The laughter pools in my eyesand settleson the nape of my neck,the bare skin,usually coveredin unintentionalmodesty.I want to linger thereas long as I can,open my eyesand realize twenty minuteshave gone bysince I last noticedwhere I was.See More
Jan 22, 2015
Aideed Medina posted a blog post


No soy rosa,ni lirio.Soy bromelia,Do not mistaken me for a rose,I am no rose,nor amethyst hued iris in spring bloom.I am a hearty bromeliad,entrenched in the cleavageof exposed granite,growing forcefully outfromwithin deep pockets of serpentineand obsidian.I am found,brightly thriving in aridunforgiving terrain,an unexpecteddeclaration of life.I am here,waiting,in unchanging form,etched,intosacred sites of our ancestors.My colors,a reminder of your own sacredness.Dear one,if you are thirsty,my…See More
Jan 21, 2015
Aideed Medina posted a blog post

Boundless and Borderless

Yo no creo en fronteras,Yo no creo en definiciones, ni limitacionesMi poder esta en mi corazónEn la belleza que traigo por dentro.Ser mujerEs mi bendiciónY no dejareque me detengan por el simple hecho que tengo caderas.Que si puedo ser madre,Eso a mi no me limitaY no me lo quitan.Solo con estas…See More
Nov 23, 2014
Aideed Medina posted a blog post

Bad Ass

Because,I am fearless,you call it careless.I am going to staywithout your caress,which would at this momentonlyserve to stop mynever ending marchto that some whereI am heading to. Mi alma se esta abriendo,mis sueños y mis palabras corriendo ,como un rio descontrolado. My voice is  sounding off like brass notes.I am growing in stature,sitting in the chair across the table,your eyes down on the floorand I am shelling off whatever the fuck was holding me backholding me downI am still connected to…See More
Jul 16, 2014
Aideed Medina posted a blog post

Esta es mi Panza

Esta es mi panza.This is my belly.It is not shaped like an athlete’s belly.It is shaped by too many pan…See More
Jul 15, 2014
Aideed Medina posted a blog post


There is a cadence,andmy senses are dancingto  the delicious rhythmhe is playing,with the swift movementof the steelhittingsteel.From the flame, the smoke and the seed,comes the harmony.  His hands, heart and mind are working flavor onto the plate.I can taste the dedicationhidden in the aroma,savor the concentrationin his brow.I have watched enough artists to know when the inspiration is organic, the passion deepand the joydivine.We are watching an artist,andhe is watchingevery grain of spice…See More
May 3, 2014
Aideed Medina posted blog posts
Jan 11, 2014
Aideed Medina posted a blog post

india en Las Vegas

Me llamaste india como si fuera la propia palabra una cachetada. Como si fuera un insulto. Y me reí de ti acarcajadas por lo ignorante que eres. Con mucho orgullo soy mestiza. Soy mucho más india que la mazorca que te da de comer.¿Dime paisano, en que momento decidió una nación odiarse a si mismos?Yo nací lejos del pueblo de mis padres, pero mucho más cerca a sus tradiciones vía el corazón.Me enseñaron a amar a mi cultura, y mi lenguaje, a lo pre-hispano, a lo colonial y a todo aquello que con…See More
Sep 26, 2013
Aideed Medina posted a blog post

Her Pain, Smooth Drink, My Words.

To the dangerous ones,the shot glasses of 1942,the thoughts and the shotsthat inspire, the talk.It is always the dangerous ones,that keep your mind locked up,in constant flow,under the influence.Drunk on the highs and the lows.Ruby red lips.Doll like eyes.She could be just as dangerous if she wasn’t…See More
Sep 18, 2013
Aideed Medina posted blog posts
Aug 21, 2013
Aideed Medina posted a blog post


What would bethe best distancebetweenhe and I?Would it be miles, or inches?Hours, or days?When what I wantthe stretchto be,is only seconds and swift.The shortest distancebetweenhis lips and mine.The most desperatedistancefrom myeyes.How long could it be?Enough to hear him saymy name,before I feel hisbreath.Enough to feel his pulserushingbeneath his skin.The distance between his mind and mine,where thoughts just graze the outer edges of more thoughts,creating new pathsof unknown lengths.How long…See More
Jun 23, 2013
Aideed Medina posted a blog post


Mike Rios walksbelow the yellow street lamp glow.White T- shirt, black pressed pants.He is wearing The Uniform.His handsare tucked awayin his pockets.He shuffles his feet from side to sideand looks up,head tilted,he is saying something. I do not rememberthe words,but I cannot forget thesentiment. It is…See More
Jun 19, 2013
Aideed Medina posted a status
"I want to thank everyone that came out to the poetry reading and art exhibition last night. It was an amazing debut for Everyday Fiction."
Jun 2, 2013
Aideed Medina posted a blog post

Lo Insignificante Entre Realidades y Tragedias Ambientales

No tengo ganas de quererlo, no tengo voluntad de hacerlo.Quisiera olvidar que existe junto al mar. No quiero ya pensarlo, Ni su nombre escribir,pero habla un loca que no sabe contemplar, lo bello  que puede ser la vida sin saber que él está,en alguna playa,sin recordar,que me tiene embrujada,y mi alma no dejade tocar,en tonos mudos,canciones caprichosas que nunca ha de escuchar.Escojoolvidarlo que sientoyo por él.Poner en perspectivo, lo que es soloun fragmento envenenado  de la imaginación.Un…See More
May 21, 2013

Profile Information

Born and raised in Salinas,CA
Attended Fresno State and majored in Natural sciences, Biology.
Wrote and performed poetry with Teatro Cilantro and published two pieces in the university journal, Flies, Cockroaches and Poets.
Host of Every Day Fiction Poetry Reading, Fresno, CA
Member of the Loud Mouth Poetry Slam Team to The 25th Annual National Poetry Slam in Oakland California 2014.

I want you to see me.
I need you
to know me
the flawless days
AND the endless ways
I can make everything go wrong.
Aideed Medina
Arts Specialty:
Poetry and theater performance have always been the two outlets for my compulsion to share my inner worlds. I dance and teach choreography, but I dance best on paper.
Choose your art category specialty below:
Spoken Word/Literary Arts
Spoken Word/Literature
Poetry, Literary Writing

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Aideed Medina's Blog

Fierce Love

It is a fierce love,

that I see

when I look into her eyes.

I can feel the courage in her heart.


She speaks to me,

from a photograph.


I hear

 the unselfish determination,

 the driving force,


 in the voices,

that tell her story.


The story of Zoraida “Ale” Reyes,



defender of the persecuted,

began with a declaration:

I am a…


Posted on July 8, 2015 at 1:09pm — 1 Comment



as I heard a fellow poet,

go on and on

about how much Fresno's existence offended and oppressed him,



Posted on July 8, 2015 at 1:05pm


Difficult to write when the fire is

 burning out of control.

Difficult to speak.

I would rather scream,


unhinged at the jaw,

mouth agape,

swallowing entire cities whole.


With a knee to the neck,

arms and legs pinned down,

beneath the weight of violence,

 blatant disregard to the value of

a human life,

and criminal abandonment,

the soul of a community

beaten and…


Posted on July 8, 2015 at 12:59pm



Como se desencadenan las ideas,

y se libera de este mal?

Amores son como la fiebre,

cuando uno de los dos quiere mas.

En estas cosas de ternura,

solo es riesgo

la verdad.

Si no te ama con locura,


corazón sabio,


no tiene ninguna culpabilidad.


no hay nada que se tenga que perdonar.

Así son los amores,

se mueren o se dan.

No vas a perder un…


Posted on July 8, 2015 at 12:57pm

Upon Hearing That Juan Felipe Herrera Was Named the Next U.S. Poet Laureate

At this moment,

my heart exploded into sun flowers.

The tips of my fingers, toes and tongues

 sprouted beautiful  lush greens,

 allowing my words to pour out of vines

 that ripened into swollen squash  ,

 with tender  creamy yellow flesh.

A new bloom with each step forward .

 The fruit ,

settling along the ground I walk on,

 growing out in every direction .

The squash open,

 seeds pour out at my…


Posted on July 8, 2015 at 12:55pm

Mi Existencia

This is my mind.

I guard it with my life.

I have spent too many days and nights,

tirelessly sifting through sand,

gathering up threads and pieces ,

to ever

 let it

be lost.


This is my body.

I guard it with my mind.

I have spent too many hours fighting,

 to own it.

I cannot give it away to pain


 without meditation,

to pleasure,

as though it was…


Posted on July 8, 2015 at 12:52pm


It is

the every day


deceivingly ordinary,

drunk happiness

I wear,

when you,

wrap songs



that begin to play

as singular notes,

from the soles of my feet,






sweep up



my belly,

with the weight of feathers.

The laughter pools in my eyes

and settles

on the nape of my neck,

the bare skin,

usually… Continue

Posted on January 22, 2015 at 8:00pm — 1 Comment


No soy rosa,

ni lirio.

Soy bromelia,

Do not mistaken me for a rose,

I am no rose,

nor amethyst hued iris in spring bloom.

I am a hearty bromeliad,

entrenched in the cleavage

of exposed granite,

growing forcefully out


within deep pockets of serpentine

and obsidian.

I am found,

brightly thriving in arid

unforgiving terrain,

an unexpected

declaration of life.

I am here,


in… Continue

Posted on January 21, 2015 at 1:08pm

Boundless and Borderless

Yo no creo en fronteras,

Yo no creo en definiciones, ni limitaciones

Mi poder esta en mi corazón

En la belleza que traigo por dentro.

Ser mujer

Es mi bendición

Y no dejare

que me detengan

 por el simple hecho

 que tengo…


Posted on November 23, 2014 at 2:00pm

Bad Ass


I am fearless,

you call it careless.

I am going to stay

without your caress,

which would at this moment


serve to stop my

never ending march

to that some where

I am heading to.


Mi alma se esta abriendo,

mis sueños y mis palabras corriendo ,

como un rio descontrolado.


My voice is  sounding off like brass notes.

I am growing in stature,

sitting in the…


Posted on July 16, 2014 at 2:14am

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thank you hope you luvit............

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At 10:06pm on February 1, 2013, n said…
Working and going to school part time. Nice picture. Just like I remember you.
At 11:10am on January 31, 2013, n said…

It's been too long. Thank you for the add. I look forward to reading your posts (and hopefully sharing some of my own soon lol)

At 10:30am on December 5, 2012, The Art Stand Gallery said…
The Art Stand Gallery in Minkler is looking for local artists for new membership. We are located on Hwy 180 at Frankwood Avenue in Minkler, on the way to Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Parks, below Squaw Valley. The building started its life as a fruit and produce stand, but in the Spring of 2000 a small group of dedicated local artists converted it into an art gallery.

Promoting the San Joaquin Valley's agricultural theme, much of our art reflects scenes familiar to the Valley. The gallery is on the Blossom Trail and the Fruit Trail routes, and is part of the Sanger Art Hop. Other businesses in the area include the School House Restaurant & Tavern across the street, Sequoia View B&B/Cedar View Winery, and Tivy Valley Winery.

Send inquiries to
Subject: ASG Membership.

“Like” us on Facebook at

November view through our front window

Posted By tswood to The Art Stand Gallery at 11/14/2012 11:42:00 AM
At 12:38pm on May 25, 2012, Eric Rodriguez said…

Thanks for the add. I just joined this site to find out what types of artists live in my backyard. So, Aideed, is this site dead? I've been looking at the posts, there are a lot of old ones.
I look forward to sharing more of my art with you.

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Welcome to the Fresno Arts Council artist networking site. We hope you enjoy meeting other artists and learning more about what is happening in Fresno's Art Community. Join the Arts Council at our website, like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter. You will pick up more valuable information about the Fresno Arts Council and how we support the arts. 

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