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One question I get asked alot as an artist is: where do my ideas come from? I would like to know from you all the answers to this question.

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For the pieces I have made so far, Harry Potter, the 60s and life experiences. For pieces I hope to make in the future, some of what I am inspired by are human life forms/movement, organic forms/nature, Neil Gaiman's work, Tim Burton's work, Joel Schumacher's version Phantom of the Opera (the set and costumes in this movie are incredible! .... and Gerard Butler.... :P got off track for a minute :) HAHA), Marilyn Monroe, the romance and glamour of the 40s, fantasy, Fairy Magazine, renaissance faires and clothes/fabric/shoes, etc., to name a few.
I am drawn to the human form, in study or abstract. I am intrigued by facial expressions. And also.... I tend to jot down alot of sculptural ideas when I am in the floaty moment just before falling into a true sleep.
This is a very complex question for me - the easier answer would be where don't I get inspiration. I have a wide range of interests and any one of these can give me an ideas, esp. in the sciences or medicine. I love the human form and the shape of someones eyes or the curve of a hip can inspire me. My husband and fellow artists are a great resource. Paying attention to even the littlest detail such as light reflections or textures in tree bark can result in ideas. Looking for connections between things that do not relate can often present me with solutions. Ideas often come from my dream time - especially finding symbols. I have a series of works that were inspired by road signs that said things like "Divide Wisdom" and "North Becomes East" I think one of the biggest things for me is to be open minded and realize that I can get ideas at anytime at all.


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