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I just received a GIFT from an old friend who had several used canvas which were partially painted with oils. I use acrylics.

I know that I cannot (or have been told) paint acrylics directly on top of oil as it will cause problems later. However, can I collage over the oil first somehow... then work with acrylics over that?

If so, what do you recommend. I would be happy to use the opportunity to experiment with oils but do not have any and heard they are expensive.... and I am flat broke....

So, any suggestions on how I can use acrylics with these oil painted canvas? I appreciate your help! Thanks!

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christina i have a few canvas boards you can have if you want them

Christina R Martinez said:
You guys are great. This is really helpful. Thanks about using the Alcohol or white vinegar. I am sooo broke right now I couldn't even buy the solvents, so knowing I can use these basic items I already have in the house is a blessing.

Thank you for all your experience!
that would be great. Thank you! I just need to work out a way to get them. I don't have a car so I usually have to plan out when I borrow a car to go somewhere. Can you message me your number? And I will get back to you soon. :) :)
Hey Christina, I would suggest you sand the oil painting down with a fine sandpaper to get all of the bumps off, then apply 4 or 5 layers of gesso, after that sand it again. Then you're ready to roll.
I do not think it is a good idea. I have painted over paintings and regret not having done it on a clean canvas. Then the peeling starts. Polyurathane sprayed over the painting will help for awhile but the problem is the foundation so it reoccurs and spraying is required periodically.


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