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Hi Ann-- great idea!

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My name is Ann Stewart. My work is displayed at Potters Studio (905 R Street, Fresno). I have a few selections at the Meat Market on Fowler. Not an Art Show just there to sell. I will be at:
October 25 - 26 Renaissance Festival at Fresno State
November 8 Fall Harvest at Harland Ranch
November 29, Dec 6, 13, 20 Vineyard Farmers Market

My stratgey for the financial climate has not changed. My target market is primarily women 30 - 50. I create art for dinner, entertaining and tea parties. I will continue to search for opportunities to reach this demographic. I have my eye on an Art Show in Santa Monica in April. My efforts are spent morphing utiltarian work to a fine art catagory. Also to muster up fun things to use for entertainig. I will watch anxiously for other posts. You have to continue to use this web site to learn how to navigate through. Ann
I currently have "Portal" at Chris Sorensen Studio's "Pink Show." Round mosaic I did using my porcelain & stoneware tiles, and kiln polished glass, laid on a glass backing. It's there through the end of the month (25th, I believe?).

Ceramic jewelry pieces at George Garcia's Salon at The Lofts (2nd Floor), on Fulton Mall.

And then there are those unnamed individuals walking around wearing my work...

Victoria :)
Hi all,

I am juried into Top of the Line in Visalia in November.

Just did Art A'Fair in Visalia last weekend.

Missed Exeter Fall festival this weekend.

Will have a booth in front of my home for Apple Festival next weekend.

Anyone, what is the Pink Show?

I just completed a clay female torso today (see my blog Blue Starr Gallery for info on that), not sure it will be fired in time for November, can anyone tell me more about Sorenson?

How about all you others - what are you up to?
I was just in Potter's Studio a week or so ago and met Randy. I was talking with him about my platters warping in Cone 10 at the college. I would love to have an official tour, I will call Ann the next time I am coming to Fresno, I live in Springville quite a distance away. Your phone number is missing from this post - can you let me know what it is and I will call you when I come up to Fresno?

What is the Pink Show?

I just completed a clay female torso today (see my blog Blue Starr Gallery for info on that), not sure it will be fired in time for November, can you tell me more about Sorenson?

I'd like to pick your brain about plates and platters. See my blog post - Blue Starr Gallery - a few posts back about my trials and tribulations for the plates and casseroles, etc I have been making
Here's a link:
Sorensen Studio on FresnoArts

There's a link to the info for Nudes in November under Show Schedule. Reading some of the posts at that link will give you some idea. It's a working studio, in the co-op style, in the downtown industrial area of Fresno. Hosts monthly shows--sometimes its own artists, other times groups that have rented the gallery for a show.

Chris works primarily in metal, welding, and has public installments in many locations in the Fresno region. Years ago, he opened up his studio to other artists, sharing space and equipment. The gallery was an outgrowth of that, and continues to evolve. Shows change monthly, new shows open on Art Hop night, the first Thursday of every month.

I photographed some of his public installations this summer and wrote a series of blogs with photographs. It's in chrono order, so you'll have to go to the bottom-most post to get started.


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