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I have lived in the same place (now called central Frersno) for 40 + years and watched the growth out towards the foothills go wild. What used to be a quiet countryside is being eaten up by new houses. I want to cry STOP!
We have lovely old homes all around us and I often hear the statement "Oh I love that area, we wanted to have a home there but we wanted a 'new' place." Sociologically, this is what was expected.....but wouldn't it be nice if we could reverse this trend and showcase the beauty of our old elegant homes as no city has ever done!

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Why don't you start with a walking tour of your own neighborhood...take pictures and blog it as I've done the Sorensen art. Get to know your neighbors and tell the story of the individual homes, and the development that is now your neighborhood. If each artist who lives in an older neighborhood would do this for just their block (not too much work for each individual), then I would happily create a place, here in New Urbanism, that links the individual tours into a whole. It would be a nice way to get people to travel around the FresnoArts site, too.

I have gathered a neighborhood group (last 5-6 yrs), under the heading of Neighborhood watch and we have met for potlucks etc. and really gotten to know eachother and our surrounding homes.
To our delight we have found an elder citizen who used to rollerskate to FHS...we know one large house was once a barni the country...the history goes on and on. And we know that if a home goes up for sale in this's gone within a there is a demand.

A walking tour? They do that in the Historical society and people flock to it.. But yes, I do know the stories behind many of the homes and would love to share them. I can try to distribute a flyer or call to get people who know the history of their homes to get more details. Good idea. Some of Fresnos eldest and most fascinating people live around here. Much wisdom to learn from!! I'll take you up on that offer to link them and eradicate the notion that it's 'more dangerous' around here. It's a friendly, layed back community that prizes peace and quiet.
ok, people are home, they are socializing. Now? :) Surely a glass of wine in exchange for a paragraph would be a fair offer ;P
I am in the Fresno High Historical district. I'll match you interview for one ?


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