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It has been my experience that most artists are by nature community-oriented, earth-loving, sprawl-hating, "green-living-practitioners", and environment-conscious individuals. I just came across this video from YouTube that I would like to share with our community just how Portland advocates/supports green living by putting a "bike traffic system" in place.

Take a look....

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wow... absolutely cool.

I can't count the times I've been involved in near misses with the "turn right on red" law here in Cali, especially coming off bike trails onto crosswalks at busy intersections. Portland's innovation is just eye-opening. How do we get some? He mentions other cities; where else have these been adopted?
Anything ANYTHING to help stem the tide of abuse our poor planet is undergoing. This is one for more....
That would be fantastic here. I know that there are some areas in town that have bike lanes. But depends on where your at. I am in an area that has high traffic, no sidewalks so your right into traffic, and gangbangers watching you roll by. When I have to stop for anything I feel like I am sitting in their front yards. Not cool.

But I recently had to give up our 2nd car and my husband uses the main vehicle for work, so I am trying to get a job close enough to walk or ride to. A more bike and pedestrian environment would be so welcome. Without having to move to RiverPark.
as an inhabitat of nw fresno, (ashlan /99 area) i have had quite a few near-misses as well because of the lack of not only bike lanes but sidewalks as well. not to mention, many injured friends..this is a beautiful and much needed movement


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