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The Chris Sorensen Studio and Gallery Presents.

Without Color 2010

Multi Media Art Competition

Show Runs June 1st thru 25th   2010

Submission date Sat May 29th Noon - 4pm

ArtHop Thurs June 3rd Open Reception 5pm – 9pm

Voting Opens ArtHop

Pot Luck Party for the Artists and a Guest, Sat June 5th Noon – 3pm

Voting Closes Sat June 5th 2pm

Winner Announced Sat June 5th 3pm

Volunteers needed call Michael T. Murphy  559-284-1474

Open for submission to all artists. No Judges and No Jury. This is the first year so all pieces will be shown. This show and competition will be based on shape and form
with no color allowed. The winner will be chosen by a vote of participating
artists only. Cash for 1st place only, prize determined by number of


  1. All media will be considered, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, etc.

2.      No color will be allowed except, White (Very slight variations will be allowed), Black,

Gray (Very slight variations will be allowed), Metallic Silver, Raw Steel and Chrome.

                No Bronze, No Rust, No Colored Frames, No colored mats.

3.      One piece per artist.

4.      None refundable entry fee of Ten Dollars.

5.      Size limit including frame 72”total of Width +Height, Sculpture size limit 108” Height + Width + Depth.

6.      Original work only and must be submitted by the artist only.

7.      All wall art must be ready to hang from one wall fastener or will not be accepted.

8.      All work must be complete and dry before entry.

9.      All work must be labeled on the back or bottom with name and current contact information.

10.   Work must stay for entire length of exhibition.

11.   Artist may price work for sale, the studio will not assist in pricing.

12.   Works not for sale must have a stated value.

13.   A 25% commission on all sales goes to Chris Sorensen.

14.   Check in and checkout times and dates will be strictly enforced, no exceptions. Please do not go in early and ask Chris to accept your work. Work left before check in date
will not be allowed in the show. If you can’t make it get someone to go for
you. The studio will not be responsible for work not picked up; we do not have
storage space. Work left will become property of the studio and can be

15.   Non-compliance of any guideline will result in non-acceptance of work.

16.   Each artist will get one vote and cannot vote for their piece.

17.   Prizes will be announced at the Artists reception.

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Hi Michael, wanted to check on something.
My piece is gallery stretched canvas does it still need a wall fastener for hanging?

Yes it will need a wire so it cant slide off of the nail or screw, that has happened in the past from the trains going by. thanks for the ? see you at check in

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