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I've been toying with the idea of virtual ArtHop on SecondLife. If I get enough response of artist participants who will do an exhibit in our virtual world called Fresnotopia (free for mavericks and tastemakers), I will create the island.

Interested? Keep this discussion going and I will gather your names from this thread and notify you when the time comes. All artists are welcome and so are organizations and businesses who are supportive of the Arts.

This project is one of the first of its kind (a virtual world tied to a real online community).

I look forward to making this happen.

Victor Ramayrat

PS. For more information on the virtual world platform, visit or watch the video of Philip Rosedale, founder and chairman of SecondLife, as he talks about SL and its creative place in our real-world community (thanks to Tom Cotter for the link).

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This sounds cool I am in!!
Yeah! I am in too. Sounds cool...
Hi Victor
Another great innovative idea! I'm in too....
you have alot of good points. If done right though, don't you think it could be good?
I would hope the chats, blogs and such would be left for this site and the virtual arthop left for the more serious matters pertaining to art. A friend of mine was a part of the deviant artist. Have you ever seen that site? It might be similar. Anyway, thanks for the good points you made through your comment. You obviously think things out quite well before making a decision. I have the tendacy to act upon impulse! Not always a good thing.
Count me in!!
Victor, this does sound like a good idea.
I would like to participate.

So, does virtual snacks mean no calories? ;-)

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