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Need Electronic images for the upcoming website

I am redesigning the new website and instead of using stock images that do not show local art work and authenticity, I am asking for your help to use some of your electronic artwork that are posted here at FresnoArts. All you have to do is reply to this thread and tag the photos you want used as "fac".

In return, I'll be forever grateful, and the perks:

1. DISCOUNT CODE FOR $35 to be applied towards FAC Membership. By being a member, you will have access to a private secure pages that allows you to enter a profile and get listed on the artists directory. Also, you'll have access to a group liability and health insurance that we are working on putting together that are specially designed for artists.

2. Attribution through a mention (link to your personal or profile) on the credits page of the website.

3. 1 week of being a "Featured Event" on the FresnoArts website. There's only 5 slots on this per front page per week.

Let me know if you could help by replying on this thread. Please respond asap as I want to launch by Sept. 30.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Victor Ramayrat
CEO/Founder, Socient

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I would love to help in any way I can. I want to meet more people involved in Fresno Arts.
This sounds like a good idea. I have some photos that I will tag.
I'd like to contribute!
Hello everyone,

There has been a great response to this request and we are truly grateful for your participation. As I mentioned, you will have 1 year free membership at Fresno Arts Council for participating as well as be part of the random images of art that will be embedded throughout the new website...

The FAC website is seen by many arts organizations and galleries, as well as the California Arts Council, so by showing your artwork on the website, tied to your profile here at FresnoArts (when someone clicks on your artwork), we are showing our powerful artist community here in Fresno.

I will announce when we launch the new site....


Victor Ramayrat
Board Member
Fresno Arts Council
Fantastic. Cannot wait to see it!
I would love to participate! What is the deadline?
Deadline is mid September as it is my goal to launch the new website on the last week of September/first week of October.

I would be happy to contribute some pics. Will do that right now. Thanks for this opportunity!
Hi Victor. What a great idea! I would love to be involved and have many works that beg to be shared. However, I've been so focused on creating sculpture and other works over the years, that knowledge of photography and posting onto the computer is a mystery to me. I'll try to learn before the deadline, otherwise I definitely need help. Thank you for building the Fresno Arts network it is such a wonderful way to connect with others, though not necessarily easy. Someone once told me that working with a group of artist is likened to herding cats. Pert near impossible. You are doing a great job Victor. Have a great Labor Day! Many Blessings, Rosemary.
OK, I have many images which might be appropriate.. Do I just send them to you in one of these messages¿?
I, too, would like to be considered.

Thank you for this wonderful idea.
I am in!


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