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I f you are an artist hosting an Arthop. Make it more interesting by providing live music. Most musicians welcome the chance to perform. Choose some one who will enhance the atmosphere eg: A performer who can provide enjoyable background music and wont distact from your work. Also it should be affordable. I charge $20 for small venues such as coffee shops and $50 for large venues such as Art Galleries etc. Some musicians will be more expensive and others may even play for free. Also people tend to hang around longer when music is provided.

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Pieter has played all over town at many Venues, Art shows, the Roque, concerts, etc. I'd highly recommend him, his music is great and he'll spice up your event!

Pieter performing at a Love Song Artist Community event, 2010.
Thank you Bill, I love playing art shows. Last saturday I played at the show Vallerie Green organised.
Pieter played at the opening ceremony last year for the Reedley Arts Festival...people in Reedley still talk about him. The Mayor, City Manager, and several other members of the local government were there and have commented on how wonderful and talented Pieter is.

By the way Pieter...Thank you for being you! You are genuine and kind and sweet and talented!
Thank you Melanie, I hope tog et an opportunity to play in Reedley again.
Pieter is an outstanding artist in his own right. Pieter has highlighted some of my art hops with his gentle wonderful songs and has added so much to my art hops!
I'm glad to see the ACA venue worked Pieter! I heard many great things
Thank you Linda! I like your shows 'cause you always get a lot of people showing up.
Hi Peter...I have a bottle of wine for you...Debi Ruud...Thank you way late for playing at my daughters fund raise.....:-)

Pieter L. Moerdyk said:
Thank you Bill, I love playing art shows. Last saturday I played at the show Vallerie Green organised.
Cal me please Debbie.

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