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My young friend Teda {mid 20's} last week has had a violation unto herself while asleep in her own home. Fortunately, she was not touched physically by the stranger who crept steathly into her apartment thru a tiny window and excited out the front door only after grabbing her purse, cell and her violin [owned for 20 years] I thank God that Teda was spared physical harm. She did call the police to report. She had recently started to turn to music again after a hiatus and was deriving great joy. I was sculpting today under my Persimmon tree when she stopped to say hello on her bicycle. She was riding her bike, 2 miles each way on swing shift. That is her transportation and she is very happy to have a bike to enable her to get to her job as a cashier. She was on a mission today to find a replacement purse for herself. What a joy to have her vist. I thought of all my talented friends on and we wondered if there might be someone out there in our community that might have a violin to donate to her or perhaps offer it at a huge discount. Though she is not on our site, she just might as well be one of us. She is seeking art to beautify herself, others and wants to grow in expression. We would appreciate any leads that you may provide for us. Thank you very much. Rosemary Lakovich and Teda Thamviriyagoon

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Patrick Contreras is giving one away at his next show on the 21st I think. Look him up on this site. He might no someone.
What a beautiful story and friend you are!
ahhhh Rosemary, thank God she was not hurt~!!! I understand the pain of losing such a precious cherished item of her art ...but the potential for a much more disasterous situation was avoided. We will help search for a violin. Can you Email me?
Thank you Linda and P.H. for you concern and desire to help Teda obtain a violin to replace the one that was stolen from her last week. Thank you for reaching out to help others in our part of this Emerald Planet. It seems sometimes, that we are one encompassing, compassionate soul working for Good when the need arises. More later.

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