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I have always ben passionate about art for as long as I can remember. I have heard people talk about art (painting drawing writing etc.) as a emotional release.
I never felt like I could relate. I know I can't go long without doing something even if it is just sketching in my sketchbook. I never really knew it took a toll on me emotionally until recently.
I have two boys, 3 and 11 months, and my art production has slowed tremendously.
Well not that much but in the last month it has slowed and I noticed my mood and patience for tantrums and crying thinned. I thought I just needed to work out, go to the gym more. So I did, it helped but not really. Then this weekend I had to do an emergency redo on an illustration for a book that is to be published. It was like a 180 on how I feel! It was almost an adrenaline rush! It was a release! No more grouchy gus! So I forced myself to take an hour a day to do something, and a goal to finish at least one piece a week.
I have to say that everyone has something they use as a emotional release and now I know that art is mine. I have always known it is deeply rooted in my soul but now I understand how important it is to me!

Does anyone agree?

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When I was in 3rd grade, the local paper did a story of my drawings—front page. I went on to work in radio, then computers. Today, I am an office manager—but the art never left my system. I've always used some form of it as a release.

In short, I know exactly where you're coming from, Kathryn.
I totally agree! It is an addiction, but a good one.
I too left art (not totally, just used it differently) when I was raising my children. Art then was used as tools for teaching, directing and challenging the children's growth. Now I can do art for me again, especially since health is not as it was.
Art is a very needed outlet. It is a release, an expression of the moment and a sense of accomplishment. Also a feeling of personal ...... not possession, .... maybe ownership? Still not the right word, but you can see where I'm going with it. It is like yoga and meditation with an outward expression. I can really get lost into a piece even to the point where when I come back to it later, my thoughts continue where I was the last time, no matter the time lapse.
If you ask me why I create art, and then keep asking "Why?", "Why?", "Why?", "Why?", "Why?"- you'll get the answer "I don't know."

It's like a sneeze or something. Or in some cases you're using your mashed potatoes to sculpt an image of a mountain you have in your head. Or you turn on your minds faucet and see what poured out. Or maybe you do it because it's an idea or a perception that you want to transcribe in some way so you can always hold on to it, or share it.

For me, my answer is still, "I don't know."
Sometimes followed by, "I just need to."

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