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Hi Viktor,

Thank you for including a place to blog! I like the way this one is integrated with my page --it works better, and works together with my page better, than others I have used.

I have some comments/requests regarding formatting :)

When I add a picture, the html posts at the top of my text entry, rather than where the cursor is sitting. I have to scroll up, cut and paste it where I want it. I wonder if it's possible to have it paste at the cursor location?

I was grateful you thought to include text left as an option for pictures and as default--perfect. Is it possible to add vertical align top? I couldn't get the text to sit next to the top of the picture, so that it is a column running to the right of the image (*my apologies--missed the wrap around option!). Could a few pixels of border or text spacing also be added? Unless I hit the space bar before my text, it sits flush with the picture.

One last-- Perhaps a line spacing automatically added to the end of entries so that they don't sit flush on top of the page text below? Yes, I know I could add it each time I blog but ...maybe? (I feel like I should be adding "Pretty please..." to that one!)


(oy one PS while I'm here -- use of the ampersand. I left an example on my page so you could see, when I used it for a picture or album title. The html code shows up on the page with it!)

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Hi Victoria
I got in a couple of pictures, but not to 'represent me' (you know the orange swirly box in front of our name.) I also installed Foxfire . I'm still trying to find my way around the whole site ...isn't it growing rapidly?
Hi Linda,

Glad to hear you got Firefox installed-- are things working better? (Victor: I think, from a post you've made elsewhere, that you're already aware of script bugs? If not, I have a couple to mention.)

Linda, you can change the red swirly pic by clicking Change My Photo, right beneath it. Do this in Firefox--I think mine hiccupped lately, trying in IE (Internet Explorer). Fourth item down, in the middle of the page, you'll see the red swirly in mini to the right of it to change/replace with a pic from your computer..

You'll have better luck if your picture is about 183x183 pixels in size. That's the default size for the image on Your Page.

Good luck. Give it a try (Try it; you'll like it!)...and if not, no worries, we'll get to it :)

Hello Victoria,

I'll look into the items above and get back to you... Thanks for letting me know...


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