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Who scheduled the "California Native American Day Celebration" ?

Who scheduled the California Native American Day Celebration on the same weekend as the Yosemite Native American Art and Flute Festival?

It is tough enough for a Fresno artist to make a profit without having to deal with competing venues.

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Hi Lyndon, The answer to your question is Native American Day is always Celebrated the 4th Friday of September. Osa Center for Indian Education in conjunction with Fresno City College and the
Native American Inter-Tribal Students Association (NAISA) is organizing their event on this day for the above reason. Perhaps the flute gig is being organized for the same reason?

As for the concern about competing venues, I agree with you that conflicting events are counterproductive if both are trying to draw the same artists and audience. This was my concern about the Arthop experience last year when over 70 venues were all competing for the same art crowd on the same night. Now with two AH nights things are a little better ....
Thanks for the background, Bosque. That helps me understand.

Of course, I still wish that both celebrations had decided to work together. Scattering the audience hurts the events as much as those attending or participating.
If in the Art community we can learn to compliment one another instead of compete we'd be better off. My suggestion is that Fresno folks check out the free City College Native American Day celebrate on Friday and then on Saturday and/or Sunday attend the Oakhurst Flute and Art Festival! Both events will appeal to folks into Mother Earth!
That is a good idea, Bosque, but it doesn't work for me.

I have a booth showing my art at the Flute Festival, so I have to be there all three days.

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